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Maestra Rosa sings icaros
September 22, 2009 11:56 PM PDT
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Maestra Rosa from the Temple of the Way of Light outside Iquitos, peru, sings an icaro...

SONIC TEMPLE - Saturday 19th September
September 21, 2009 06:46 PM PDT
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Sonic Temple - a monthly tribal discussion and gathering in the Byron bay Shire of NSW, Australia. The ayahuasca panel discussion featured DARPAN, Australia's pre-eminent shamanic practicioner; DAN SCHRIBER, founder of Starseed Gardens; MARGARET CROSS from the Centre for Change; JEREMIAH ABRAMs, author and Jungian analyst from the USA; and panel facilitator RAK RAZAM, author of Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey.


SONIC TEMPLE - Saturday 19th September

This is the first installation of a monthly sonic sacred gathering of the tribe in NNSW. The night will commence with an open jam & drum circle, with all attendees encouraged to take part with instruments, drums & voices.

This will be followed by a brief audiovisual performance by Rak Razam to launch his book "Aya - A Shamanic Odyssey" - http://www.ayathebook.com. A panel discussion around Ayahuasca will then take place, featuring prominent individuals from the ayahuasca community. Then hit the dance floor to the hypnotic sounds of Mauxuam (Interchill Records) from Italy, and Dakini (Omelette Records) from Melbourne. Chai, performers, and much more...

MAUXUAM (Interchill Records – Italy)
DAKINI (Omelette Records – Melbourne)
GHETTAFUNKT (Omelette Records - NNSW)

Φ Ayahuasca Panel Discussion Φ
Φ “Aya” book launch with Rak Razam Φ

Open jam & drum circle at 7pm – bring drums & instruments

Performers, Beats, Chai & more…

Saturday 19th September – Durrumbul Hall

http://www. resonant-temple.com

Global Shamanic Resurgence - lecture
August 29, 2009 03:13 PM PDT
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Lecture given on the Global Shamanic Resurgence @ the Temple of the Way of Light ayahuasca retreat center outside Iquitos, Peru, August 2009.

Aya talk and Dj jam with Lulu Buttons
August 29, 2009 02:52 PM PDT
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Interview with Rak Razam, author of Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey talking about the global shamanic resurgence and ayahuasca culture, with long samples of DJ Buttons Touching's remixes of shamanic icaros in soundscapes...

from Pirate Cat Radio San Francisco

full podcast@


Aya: a Neo-Tek Shamanic Gathering
August 29, 2009 01:14 PM PDT
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Audio recording of the performance piece @ Sera Phi 23rd August... Book launch of Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey, and lecture on the global ayahuasca movement, with vibro-acoustic afterparty featuring nu wave tekno-occult DJ/VJs invoking the higher frequencies As one world song ends and another begins... join us for a unique blend of Low Frequency and Phi Ration tunings to activate the collective consciousness. A night of tekno-shamanism that unites the binaries: South American cosmovision with neo-Atlantean sonic wizardry. Featuring: <>   Kunlun Meditation (The Art of Eternal Bliss) led by Om Aloha <> Author Rak Razam talking on the "global shamanic resurgence". This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more and to engage in dialog about plant medicines, shamanism, community and spiritual evolution <> Ananda Ji's Healing Sound Magick through Sera Phi's 10,000 watt, Vibro-Acoustic Resonating Floor, which allows Root frequency tunings in harmony with the Universe.  Release old karmic patterns and stuck energy in the body through Cymatic resonance and experience Magical Mandala exaltation with Geometrical/Spherical/Lyrical Phi-bration  <> EEG neurofeedback illuminations to sculpt your mind with Ashanti Vivia <> Byron Lightweaver DJ/VJing to unite the visual and the aural spheres <> Shamanspace VJ set by Verb with soundscapes by Lulu Buttons <> Altered States of sound with DJ Om Aloha Let the music and light guide you on a journey to a unified state of transcendence with these tekno-shamanic practicioners. This is the time you've been waiting for. The future is now.  Join us...